American Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina didn't just have a one-word flub during her rendition of the National Anthem.  Before the Detroit Lions hosted the Green Bay Packers on Thursday, the young singer had a full-fledged Anthem breakdown.



Ouch!  I thought Lauren Alaina sounded great as she belted out the first three lines of the National Anthem.  Her voice sounded very rich.  She sounded very smooth and comfortable.  And then it all went terribly wrong.  Lauren completely jacked up the fourth line.

The obvious flub was even worse as the FOX television cameras panned to an injured Detroit Lions' player singing the Star-Spangled Banner without screwing it up.  The cameras then cut to American soldiers in South Korea saluting the TV screen as Alaina tried to regather her composure.  Luckily, Lauren Alaina's disastrous rendition was largely overlooked because of Ndamukong Suh's idiotic behavior during a 27-15 Lions' loss.

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