Yes that is indeed a picture of Lavar Ball, father of the Ball Brothers with his shirt off on national television. Ball made an appearance last night on WWE's Monday Night Raw as a special guest along with his sons on WWE Superstar The Miz's talk show "Miz TV". Miz, the WWE's intercontinental champion, tried to ask Ball questions, but the highly opinionated father barely let anyone else get a word out. At one point it seemed that the trash talking may escalate into a physical confrontation between the two. In the below video, you can see that the ring is surrounded by Big Baller Brand t-shirts. In fact, the wrestler that came to interrupt Ball and Miz's confrontation, Dean Ambrose, was wearing a Big Baller Brand t-shirt. Ambrose even later went on to say that he "loves free shirts". The youngest ball in the ring, LaMelo, made his own controversy as he dropped a racial slur on a live mic. What did you make of the Balls' appearance on WWE last night? Let us know below.


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