A legendary rock star decided to play a round of golf at a course in Little Falls prior to his big show at The Stanley Theater in Utica.

Alice Cooper who rocked the stage Wednesday decided to play a round at the Mohawk Valley County Club, or MV Golf & Event Center as it is now known. Cooper has a friendship with Herkimer native and Guiness World Record holder Scott Flansburg who is also known as the Human Calculator.

Cooper was also joined for the round by longtime band members Ryan Roxie and Chuck Garric. There is no word on how well they did, but from the looks of things and past reports from Flansburg on his game he did pretty good. Not only did he stop at the golf course in Little Falls, Cooper was also spotted with his wife in Target in New Hartford doing a little shopping.

Reports on how the show went are pretty good as fans were excited to see Alice for the first time in Utica since he performed at the Utica Memorial Auditorium in December of 1986. It's always great when musicians and celebrities get a feel for what Central New York has to offer and it seems like it was a pretty good day to be on the course, despite a few light rain showers.

At 73-years-old Alice is still rocking and recently released new music with a ton of record sales. He is a true legend and we were happy to welcome him to Central New York. Hopefully, it will not be his last visit.

Photo Courtesy of MV Golf & Event Center
Photo Courtest of Scott Flansburg
Photo Courtest of Scott Flansburg
Photo Courtest of Scott Flansburg
Photo Courtest of Scott Flansburg

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