Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy is set to not face charges for a brawl he was involved in on Super Bowl night. The fight that resulted in two off-duty police officers being hospitalized, has been handled poorly.

2014 Pro Bowl
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There have been reports saying he could be facing jail time, now they're pondering on whether charges will be even filed, and the district attorney’s office has said there’s no hurry to make a decision. The Fraternal Order of Police accused the district attorney of providing McCoy special treatment. Special treatment? These were two police officers that were not on duty, and were just regular civilians. I don't condone fighting, but lets not act like Shady McCoy walked up to two cops in uniform and just punched them in the face. This was an old fashion drunk bar brawl.

The NFL will continue to monitor the situation. The Bills have said they expect a suspension to come out of this, as they look to find another running back.

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