I could put a list of Horror TV Shows that I love like "Stranger Things", "The Walking Dead", and "American Horror Story" but you've most likely seen those already. I mean seriously if you're looking for something to binge on this October and your a horror or Sci-Fi fan you need someone to dig a little deeper and give you a few shows that either you've never seen or they're so good you're ready to give them another go-round. So here are my Top 5 underrated TV shows.

5) Ash vs The Evil Dead (2015-2018)

Bruce Campbell is back as Ash Williams to fight the Deadites in a TV show that if you like campy horror with not only great laughs but also great special effects check out the newest installment of the Evil Dead universe.

4) Kingdom (2019 - )

Kingdom is a zombie show that takes place in feudal Korea. Netflix got a hold of it and dubbed it into English. It's really well done and in no time you stop noticing that the lip movement doesn't perfectly match what is being said.

3) Evil (2019- )

Evil is the only show on this list that aired on a major network. In its first season Evil sets the stage to keep you guessing about what's supernatural and what's science. Demons or just really evil people and is there really a difference.

2) Outcast (2016-2017)

What if angels and demons were among us? what if they weren't really angels and demons? What if show creator Robert Kirkman who many know for transforming a graphic novel into the blockbuster TV show "The Walking Dead" did it again with "Outcast" on Cinemax?


1) The Outsider ( 2020 - )

Picture "True Detective" with a supernatural twist. Where True Detective flirted with the idea of otherworldly evil, The Outsider jumps in with both feet!


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