We all know about the crazy athletes in the past: LT, Dennis Rodman, Ryan Leaf…. but who is carrying their crazy torches right now in sports.


5. Sean Avery- NHL- New York Rangers- It takes a lot to the craziest person in a sport where you strap 2 knives on your feet and slam people as hard as you can into walls. But Sean Avery as done it, whether it’s questioning other player’s relationships or molding the game to fit his needs, he will do whatever it takes to just be bat-crap insane.

First off, he doesn’t give a crap, in an interview or how he looks on the ice. This guy will go after the biggest guy he can find and just piss him off.  He has even forced the NHL to implement the “Avery Rule” because he decided it would be a good idea to stand front of the goalie and wave his hand in his face to distract him.

All his on the ice stuff is all well and good, but it’s his off the ice behavior that is what rockets him into the atmosphere of crazy.  In 2008 in an unprompted press conference he decided to confront Dion Phaneuf for dating his ex. He said

  • "I'm just going to say one thing. I'm really happy to be back in Calgary; I love Canada. I just want to comment on how it's become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don't know what that's about, but enjoy the game tonight".

This coupled with his incredible interest in fashion reporting (he even interned for Vogue) puts him one wedding dress away from Rodman status. He has also said many times he would rather be writing about fashion then playing hockey. I say let him go, hockey would be a better place with out him. Hockey is no place for crazy, just ask Don Cherry’s Tailor.


4. Vince Young- NFL- Former Titans Quarterback- I know what you’re thinking “What about Chad Johnson, or TO?” I’ll tell that they are harmless on the field crazy. Both those guys don’t even go clubbing or carry hand guns to airports off the field. Vince Young is the right combination of dumb and crazy to be tops in the NFL.

After making Eddie George look like Albert Einstein by scoring just a 6 on his Wonderlic test. Many people thought he didn’t have the mental capacity to run the night shift at a 7 11, let alone a NFL offense. He followed that up with injuries and mental breakdowns. Including one where he freaked out and ran around Nashville with a hand gun in 2009 after a bad game.  Last year he decided that a fellow strip club patron needed a beat down because he was disrespecting the Texas Long hor,ns (Don’t Mess with Texas).

This was all fine in the eyes of Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams, after all he was winning some games here and there (yah him not Chris Johnson). But it all came to a head this year where he started a late season pissing match with former coach Jeff Fisher. Coach Fisher accused Young of quitting, and young being crazy just flipped the hell out. The controversy was so crazy that Bud Adams decided to show both of them the door this off season.

Vince Young is stupid and crazy, which is fine if you’re staring on a bad reality TV show about raising a gigantic family (Cough* Cough* the Duggars Cough * Cough*) not when you’re and NFL Quarterback.


3. Gilbert Arenas-NBA- Orlando Magic- Early second round draft pick was normal when living in California (Surprise I know). It was when he played for the Washington Wizards where he lost his mind.

We all know the story about players on Wizard losing money to Gilbert on team flights and not paying up when they landed. A sane man would of just ripped on the guy till he coughed up the money, but Gilbert Arenas is far from sane. Arenas thought it would be a neat joke if he brought two hand guns into the locker room and threatened the guy till he got his money.

By the way, they were gold-plated handguns worth over 10 thousand a piece. He used his gold-plated money guns to threaten a guy over a matter of a couple hundred bucks.  After this incident, he was benched till they could investigate what went down that faithful day.  It was during this time Arenas decided to mock the proceedings by pretending his fingers were guns and shooting his teammates in a pre-game entrance. Finally after taking Commissioner David Stern’s face and rubbing it in the crap situation Arenas created, he was suspended for the rest of the season.

That’s one incident, I know, but there other things that skew the needle into the crazy zone. Like his $6,500 dollar a month SHARK BILL. Yes, Gilbert Arenas is not just training to be an NBA superstar; he is training to be Dr. Evil in the new Austin Powers movie.

Nothing says crazy then sitting in a room holding your golden gun starring at your shark tank. Oddly enough the same set up screams bond villain, looks like 007 might need to have a word with Agent 0.


2. John Daly- PGA- Former PGA Champion- Daly came to fame after winning the 1991 PGA Championship from the 9th alternate position (classic rags to fancier rags story).  After that the story gets Jerry Springer good. From getting booted from tournaments for being too drunk, to accusing all the golfers on the tour of doing blow between holes the story is a white trash “E true Hollywood Story”.

This guy has a slot machine and Diet Coke addiction, so does my great-aunt Bertha. This guy is special kind of self destructive crazy that  it makes Lindsay Lohan look like she has her crap in order.  The Dude passed out outside of a Hooters. You know the kind of people who pass out in or around a Hooters, let’s just say that you wouldn’t to use them as reference on your resume.

I mean come on, the man’s personal fitness policy is “I don’t lift weights cause I can’t smoke in the gym”. He didn’t go to the British open dinner because “This fat kid can’t get in a suit”.  The guys personal life makes Charlie Sheen look like Justin Bieber.


1. Brian Wilson-MLB- San Francisco Giants- He gained fame over the last 2 seasons playing in the NL West but last year rocketed to fame as the crazy bearded guy on Giants in the World Series. This guy has everything including immaturity and split personalities. The guy has an acquaintance that lives in his head called the Machine.

Did you see that come on that’s freaking nuts, on top of that he thinks he’s a ninja because he dreamt it, or some crap? He is so crazy - it’s hard to know what is real or what someone made up. If you told me he showers in maple syrup and towels off with a Vermont state flag for an authentic feel, I would think you were reading out of his day planner.

The only time his antics came to a head with the league was at the 2010 all star game where he wore a pair of bright orange cleats. MLB told him to take them off or else, so Wilson, being crazy, colored them in with a sharpie. When asked about it he said what happened he stated “I got in trouble for having to much awesome on my feet”.

So thinking Dreams are real Split personalities, and crazy clothing puts Brian Wilson.  Above all other crazies.  He is so crazy he could only play in a city that Jerry Garcia described as “Crazy”.

Yup, King of Crazy

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