In case you missed it on Wednesday's Levack and Goz show, some people have been calling my rant their favorite rant in the history of the show. Wednesday's drama began with an article posted by the Daily Gazette's sports reporter Adam Shinder. The piece covered the unfortunate news of our local franchise, the Tri-City ValleyCats losing their affiliation with a Major League Baseball franchise. You read Shinder's complete article below by clicking on the tweet.



Shinder sources our interview with Valleycats president Rick Murphy. If you missed the interview you listen on demand to the conversation here

Although I was very thankful that Adam Shinder cited our interview, I was enraged over the fact that Shinder referred to the interview coming from "an afternoon radio show on 104.5 The Team". Why not Levack and Goz?! The name of the show!!! That in fact is easier and less words to type than "afternoon radio interview on 104.5 The Team FM".

Am I being a nit-picky about not getting the show sourced? Absolutely! However in my "Tommy Corporate" role in the building, it is my job to promote the station, local programming, and play by play coverage as best as possible. I believed we should have been recognized for our work. In fact it is not the first time this has happened with local media writers. I cover that all in the below rant you can listen to below.


To Adam Shinder's credit, he added our show to the article thirty minutes after this rant from Wednesday's show. Was I being a bit too sensitive? Was the rant justified? You can let me know by sharing a message on the 104.5 The Team app which you can download below or on Twitter @TomGozz. If this happens again where a local media member takes content from our show and refuses to credit "Levack and Goz" please reach out to them directly and say TAG THEM YOU COWARDS!!!

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