We are fast approaching the Super Bowl; you know the game that Commissioner Goodell said he would have new collective bargaining deal worked out with the Players Union before kick off. And it’s about as far along as you would think.


As of right now Goodell and the NFLPA can’t even agree on a time and a place to meet, March 4th is the hard deadline to get this worked out and these guys can’t decide to have burgers or pizza. Players are and have been predicting a work stoppage, after all they don’t want work more and get paid less, and who can blame them?

Lets face it people, we are inclined to jump to the defense of the workers and give the middle finger to big business. In this case I keep finding myself siding with ownership instead of the players. These players are making millions upon millions to entertain me, and I want a bigger bang for my buck. Yah I want 18 regular season games, are you telling me right now knowing there are just 3 Football games left until August you wouldn’t want another couple of weeks of football? Are you kidding me? Once the Super Bowl Ends I’m going nuts trying to entertain my self until April. I have found my self watching the “Longest Yard” and placing down bets on the guards to win and cover the spread. Hell yes I want more football.

It won’t be so easy; the players want nothing to change except how hard they have to work in the off-season. I know it’s the American dream to work less and get paid more, but usually the people who want that don’t have 2 + plus months of vacation a year and make less then 10 million a year. Football players already make a crap ton of money for working 9 months out of the year (like teachers except get paid a lot and can run a 4.1 40 yard dash).  These guys are over paid babies, who half to realize if they want the money to stay around the point it is and for the sport to stay on top, they have to keep working.

Work stoppages kill sports Hockey is just now starting to recover from the 04-05 strike, and if wasn’t for steroids and a Yankees dynasty Baseball would still be worst for wear. Football can’t afford to stop play for a year because of minor things like adding 2 games. Add the dam games, give the players a raise, owners get individual team revenue, and less OTA’s in the off season. Done every one is happy including me, cause I can watch the Jets in 2011.