Electronic Arts is getting ready for a full fledge push on Madden 2012 regardless of whether there will be an NFL season or not.

Last week a representative for EA reassured everyone on twitter that the game will come out in August as always and would have all the players and teams.  This was good news to many video gamers who expecting this years to be the first in 3D and a platform guy for Nintendo 3DS.

What are not clear are the improvements from last year’s game to provide a better gaming experience for the user. 3D technology is great and all but how many of us have a 3D television.  Here are some of my ideas.

-         Cry Poor in the Career Path- this would allow you if you’re making less then 3 million a season to act like you are living paycheck to pay check. Options would be sitting out training camp and causing a league wide strike.

He is only the 3rd highest paid running back in the league

-         Book Cooking- it’s a new ownership mode that would allow you to hide all profits not pertaining to TV deals or ticket sales. So feel free to charge 12 bucks a beer, you can always hide it in the back end.

Who needs College when you can buy him a hot dog

-         Press conference mode- this will only be open to people playing a season as the New York Jets. It will allow you to win games and score points in your press conferences.

He really put his foot in his mouth

-         Realistic game play mode- this will be a mode just for the 2011 season. This mode will provide realistic game day conditions such as Empty seats. Players will also be forced to hang out with his wife and go wall paper shopping

Now thats what she means by "HD"

These modes will provide the most realistic football on your gaming system, which may be the only place to get that action this season.