If you've ever wanted to gather with other Buffalo Bills fans to celebrate the team and give back to Buffalo, your chance is coming up.

The Bills fan base has been recognized nationally for the support that they show to their favorite team.  The Bills Mafia Boat Parade is another way to do that and give back at the same time.

What is the Bills Mafia Boat Parade?

According to their website, The Bills Mafia Boat Parade was put together by Ashleigh Dopp  & Brandon Bova in 2022 to show support to the Bills.  It was a parade of boats down the Buffalo River.  Last year hundreds of boats participated.  Bills fans, if you own a boat, this is a must-attend event.

When is this year's Bills Mafia Boat Parade?

The date is set for this year's 2nd annual Bills Mafia Boat Parade.  It's coming up on September 3, 2023.  They're asking the registered boats to meet at Canalside at 1pm to get all lined up and ready to go.  The parade will then continue down the Buffalo River with fans, no doubt, singing the "Shout" song the whole way.

Where does the money go for the parade?

It costs $30 to register for the Bills Mafia Boat Parade and registration is open now.  But like always, when Bills Mafia makes donations, it goes to good causes.  The proceeds from the event will all go to local charities here in Western New York.

With your registration, you'll get to be part of the historic parade, but you'll also get a commemorative Mafia Boat Parade Flag to be hung from your vessel on parade day and a welcome pack.

What if I don't have a boat?

You should still come down!  They will have food trucks, a beer tent, music, and a vendor village to check out.  You can bring a lawn chair to set up on the coast along the route to cheer on the registered boats!

For more info on the Bills Mafa Boat Parade, click here!

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