There was a massive jackpot winner at Rivers Casino and Resort on the 4th of July. An East Greenbush man saw fireworks as he hit a progressive jackpot while playing one of the table games. You can say that Paul Harter Jr. put the "green" in East Greenbush.

Mr. Harter was playing Three Card Poker which has a progressive jackpot that you can play for a five-dollar side bet. If you were to flop a Royal Flush, you would win the progressive jackpot. Well, that's exactly what he did. And he hit big. The jackpot was worth two hundred ninety-five thousand three hundred thirty-one dollars and forty-five cents.

Rivers Casino and Resort
Rivers Casino and Resort

But Paul wasn't the only one who cashed in. Three people that were playing also placed wagers on the progressive jackpot, according to the Rivers Casino and Resort press release, and they each won five thousand dollars.

Here's a look at the hand that Paul Harter Jr. won the progressive jackpot at the Three Card Poker table.

Rivers Casino and Resort

I enjoy playing table games and know that Three Card Poker is very popular at casinos because you have a good chance of winning. Not to this magnitude though. Winning the progressive jackpot with a Royal Flush is nearly impossible. That is why the jackpot gets so high.

Congratulations to East Greenbush's Paul Harter Jr. At the time of the press release, Paul didn't say what he was going to do with his newfound winnings.

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