Last summer I had read that 40% of the people laid off, let go or furloughed because of the pandemic, would not return to the same job. That is an awful lot of switching careers and finding a new path. Can you afford to go back to school? Thanks to Rivers Casino, maybe you might not have to.

According to the Daily Gazette, Rivers Casino & Resort in Schenectady is looking for new card dealers! The casino is offering on site training. Candidates, 21 years old and older, will undergo six weeks of free training with an afternoon class beginning March 1st and a morning class starting March 15th.

Complete the training, pass the audition and obtain a state gaming license and you will be offered full or part-time work. Apply for Dealer School HERE. This is a gamble that could pay off. Blackjack anyone?

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The waterfront gambling hall has a similar story of business during the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, the hall had to shut down for six months in 2020. Once the venue was able to reopen in September, approximately 630 of its employees were able to return work. Prior to the pandemic their workforce was nearly double that.

Casino officials stated Thursday that through various causes, mainly COVID-related attrition, it is running short on trained dealers. So this could be a good way to rejoin the workforce and be trained to do so for FREE!

I have always thought that it would be cool to work at a casino. Play games all day and get compensated for it! Sounds good to me!


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