Did you see any strange lights in the sky over the weekend?  Many in Upstate NY saw it at around 7:40 on Saturday night.  But what was it?

Just a few seconds into the video filmed on Saturday, you can hear a few men commenting about the bright, glowing, UFO seen darting across the sky in Upstate NY.

"What is this," the man filming asks.

"That's a gen-u-ine....(pause)UFO," another man is heard saying in the background.

Many Report Seeing Strange Flying Object Over Upstate NY! What was It?

Many in the Capital Region, and throughout New York State have said to have witnessed this traveling, glowing orb, all at around the same time on Saturday night, but what was it?

The video was taken by a Capital Region man named John Porreca Jr.

Porreca, from Hudson, shared this video on his Facebook page over the weekend, and the post blew up with hundreds of people sharing it, saying that they too saw these strange lights at around 7:45 PM on Saturday.

See the video here:

So, what was it?

According to sources, what Porreca and many others were able to see on Saturday night was SpaceX launching dozens of Starlink satellites to low-Earth orbit at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

SpaceX's mission is very important, but there's also a lot of technical stuff that makes it physically impossible for me to explain in layman's terms, but basically, it's satellites.

"The 52 Starlink satellites onboard the Falcon 9 will add to SpaceX’s consumer-grade, high-speed, low-latency internet network. Subscribers can now connect to the Starlink network in more than 40 countries and territories."


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