I'm not sure why I continue to write about Johnny Manziel and his issues off the football field.

Maybe it's because every time that I write about them, I hope it's the last time.

Johnny Manziel says he plans to sober up starting July 1, meaning that on Friday, Manziel will clean up his act.

The same as always, I hope that Manziel cleans up his life before he worries about football. Manziel sounds aware that a return to football may not happen until 2017 and teams are sure that Manziel is serious about his desire to change.

Manziel spent two years in Cleveland with the Browns before they released him. He's been involved in multiple incidents this offseason including a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend.

Once more, let's just hope that Manziel gets his life together. If football happens, then OK, but if not, lets just hope he's alright - eventually.


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