Marshawn Lynch is a weird dude. Conan O'Brien is a funny dude. With their powers combine, Beast Mode took his Skittles obsession to a new level on Monday night.

"You take your causes seriously, but you don't take yourself too seriously," said Conan, to Lynch on his show that airs weeknights on TBS. "You love your Skittles. You got fined once because you wore your Skittles shoes on the field and the NFL fined you.

"When I met with you, you actually had Skittles on you, the first time when I met you and we shot that piece for Mortal Kombat. You were talking about Skittles and I thought, 'This guy really loves Skittles'.

"You are famous for jumping backwards into the end zone. I thought maybe it was a long dream of yours to jump backwards into an end zone full of Skittles. Is that your dream, Marshawn Lynch?"

"What you got planned?" said Lynch, in his weird Marshawn Lynch way. "It sound like a set up."

As Lynch gazed into the glass "end zone" of Skittles ...

"What you got here?" said Lynch.

And then, like only Conan can, he put an explanation mark on this bit.

"I just got you the ball, that's the end zone right there! The game's on the line!"

Anyone else notice that Lynch did his infamous crotch grab on the dive as well?

Well played by all.

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