Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has been applauded for his new approach on dealing with the media and the public, perhaps that stops now?

The veteran back, who has been fined for not talking to the press, allegedly threatened a 13 year old boy over the weekend, according to TMZ. The uncle of the boy, Dave Medina, is the one who is saying that this happened.

"He told my nephew, 'How would you like it if I slapped that f**king phone out of your hand and that smile off your face,'" Medina told TMZ.

Lynch went on a media tour over the summer, appearing on multiple night shows and partaking in different bits, etc.

Look, Lynch is a different guy. He's known for not being the most socially dynamic individual on the planet. Perhaps, though, maybe telling a 13-year old he would slap them (allegedly) is going a bit too far?

The Seahawks have started the season 0-2.