The Seattle Seahawk running back who made news for not talking during the postseason, showed a different side on Conan.

"I'm just here so I won't get fined". No that's not what Marshawn Lynch said to Conan O'Brien on his talk show last night. Instead, the 5 time Pro Bowl running back presented Conan with a shirt with his now famous saying on the front. "It kind of a grew with me from Pop Warner.. and that it's just you see it, it's everyone"- Lynch said in reference in how he acquired the nickname "Beast Mode" throughout his football career. Lynch later referred to Conan's famous hair to being "in beast mode all the time" This wasn't the first time O'Brien and Lynch had mingled with another. The Super Bowl winning running back and late night comedian battled in Mortal Kombat X back in February.

Lynch and O'Brien covered topics including his touchdown celebrations, retirement rumors, and the final play in last year's Super Bowl. Conan even let Lynch combine his two loves of scoring touchdowns and Skittles candy into one big play.