Ever since Michael Jordan revolutionized the marketing potential for athletes, great sports stars have been highly sought-after commodities for advertisers. Tiger Woods’ brand and likeness built Nike golf, and basketball stars like Derrick Rose get paid hundreds of millions of dollars to wear a company’s shoe.

Then, there are the athletes that endorse less glamorous products. It must have hurt Eli Manning’s pride when he could only land the same endorsement deals as LPGA golfer Paula Kramer (Citizen), especially when your brother is on more ads than small print. It also couldn’t have felt good when Shaq realized that Icy Hot was the brand that wanted his services. Nothing says “retire” than being offered the chance to be the face of aches and pain.

That said, Wes Welker, Clay Mathews and DeMarcus Ware just took embarrassing endorsements to a new level. Now, keep in mind that these commercials benefit the Jimmy V Foundation, but I mean, come on. Check out this new commercial for Depends, starring Ware, Welker, and Mathews. If you don’t know what Depends are, go ask your grandmother.