The New York Giants smell blood in the NFC East, and are set to bolster the team's attack. On Tuesday the Giants will workout wide receivers Hakeem Nicks, Wes Welker, and tight end Chris Cooley.


The Giants depth chart at the wideout spot consist of Rueben Randle, Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr. at the top, and then special teamer Dwayne Harris. Last week the team parted ways with wideout Preston Parker, after he found himself unable to be able to hold a football. With Cruz coming off a serious knee injury in 2014 and a summer dealing with calf issues, the team needs some security. The Giants had the chance in re-signing the 27-year old Nicks as a free agent in 2014, but wanted no part of it, after multiple foot injuries. He spent last year playing a complementary role with the Colts. He was recently signed with the Titans this offseason, but was cut. Nicks has stayed close with many of his old teammates, especially Victor Cruz.

Wes Welker on the other hand, has been labeled as spoiled goods he made just 34 receptions last year with the Broncos, because concussion issues. The issues being that he was being concussed at a rapid rate, and teams are trying to stay away from that. Welker also received a suspension that was rescinded by the NFL at a later date.


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