Finally, Major League Baseball has made a bold and progressive decision regarding an unprecedented steroid-related issue. Not shockingly, Bud Selig had little to do with it.

Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

In a surprising move, Melky Cabrera, who is serving a 50 game suspension for steroids, has been disqualified from the race for the batting title, after requesting that his numbers be voided. Previously, despite the fact that Melky was caught cheating, Bud Selig stated that the league" generally [doesn’t] interfere" with the batting race, suggesting that Melky’s .343 average would count towards the title.

I’m not sure what Melky’s intentions are here, and I have to believe that this move is more of a PR decision than a moral stance, but at least the right decision has been made. Why Bud Selig is such a gutless and shameful coward when it comes to enforcing punishments on those that are ruining his league I won’t ever know, but it is his lack of proactive and severe action that is draining the life out of baseball. I don’t care if you don’t “generally” interfere with the batting race, make an exception. Or, if you’re content with just sitting on your ass and watching your game die Bud, how ‘bout you step down off your throne and let someone else come in and fix your mess?

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