Interesting comments made by Yankee's GM Brian Cashman have me asking a few questions. In an interview with ESPN Radio New York 98.7, Cashman says he wasn't surprised that either Melky Cabrera or Bartolo Colon failed drug tests that revealed both are used performance enhancing drugs.

"Unfortunately not surprised" is how Cashman answered to being caught off guard by the two failed tests. Cashman, commenting on the Michael Kay Show, talked about both players' improving stats.

"You see some spike in performance, you hope it's not the case, but you scratch your head wondering," he said, talking about suspicion if those stats were enhanced by illegal PED use.

Cashman's comments about Cabrera were very interesting. "When we traded him to Atlanta we had him as a low end everyday regular or an excellent 4th outfielder."

Now my questions in relation to Cashmans thoughts: I wonder if the Yankees GM had any inkling that either might have been cheating when playing for the Yanks? Cabrera certainly wasn't top notch but he wasn't chopped liver with New York. It has been bandied about that the Yanks didn't like his lifestyle and partying and possible bad influence on Robinson Cano. Hmmm.

Colon pitched last year with the Yankees and went 10-8. He started off well but faded then got hurt and missed most of the tail end of the year. NY didn't resign Colon, which wasn't a surprise, but did Cashman question Colon while he was under contract with his team? Steroid history shows many of the players caught or admitted in some fashion played or play for the Yanks and in the Cashman era. I'm not saying I am just saying.

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