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From Deadspin…
"Team USA has been having a lot of fun off the court as they prepare to compete in the Rio Olympics (some have been having more fun than others), but a grumpy Carmelo Anthony was recently caught trying to rain on everyone’s parade.

While the rest of the team was getting into a rendition of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” an all-time banger, Melo was sulking in the corner:

After last night’s tune-up game against Nigeria, Melo was asked about his apparent disdain for jams and good times. He wanted everyone to know that he’s not really a sad Vanessa Carlton hater; he’s just not a morning person"

Really? Mello needed to say i'm sorry for not liking a song. God how sensitive have we become. With everything going on in Rio this is what the press is obsessed with? The video of him sulking on the plane was funny. Period. He should not have to apologize but ya know it's easier to just do it and make this silly story go away.