The Yankees could be moving toward a divorce with once-a-star Alex Rodriguez. Sources have learned that the Yanks could release Rodriguez before the season ends, or could release him in the offseason, if they do so at all.

I've come full circle on A-Rod...

I loved Rodriguez as a prodigy with the Seattle Mariners, then wished nothing but bad things upon him when he left, then rejoiced at his failures and steroid-induced suspension, and now I kind of feel bad for the guy.

By all accounts, Rodriguez is a good person. He's massively insecure and extremely wrapped up in others perception of him, which is what probably led to his cheating in the first place, but he loves the game. Everything we hear is how he's a student of the game and a great teacher of the game. I do have massive respect for that, so no, I don't think I'd take joy in him being cut.

What would cutting A-Rod mean for the Yankees?

1) It would further signify the team's departure from the big contracts (or the time being) and massive overspending.

2) It would give at-bats and development time to younger players.

3) It would help the fans find a scapegoat for the team's problems, even if it's not Rodriguez's fault.

4) You would lose that clubhouse presence and that veteran teacher. And you'll further more lose that next year when Mark Teixeira is gone.

And that's true, it's not A-Rod's fault. They offered to pay him. Don't forget that.

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