With Carmelo Anthony playing in possibly the final year of his contract, it would be understandable if the New York Knicks are thinking about all of their options.

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Reports came out this weekend that New York has talked within their organization about possibly trading Anthony for Clippers star Blake Griffin. The same reports say that LA has entertained the idea internally as well but neither sides have yet spoken about it.

“Please, this is stupid,” said Clippers coach Doc Rivers said, according to ESPN.com. "If you're the Knicks or whoever, would you want Blake Griffin? I would. So I don't see what the story is."

Look, the possibility of it happening is slight. But the story is that two star players are involved, one of which could be on his way out so it would make sense in that manner.

Also, it's known that Anthony is close friends with Clippers point guard Chris Paul as the two have publicly talked about the possibility of playing with each other for years.

“Everybody always says that they want to play with this guy or play with that guy,” Anthony told the media on Sunday afternoon. “Me and Chris have been rumored to play together since he [went to the Clippers], there were always trade rumors to try to get us together. It never happens.”

If any team was open to trading for Anthony, they wouldn't do it unless that could confirm that he would be willing to signing an immediate contract extension.

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