has reported that a new team has emerged in the Carmelo Anthony frenzy, and if it happens, it wont be good. 

This morning, reported:

The Denver Nuggets have had preliminary discussions with the Los Angeles Lakers on a Carmelo Anthony trade.

The Lakers' package would be built around center Andrew Bynum. Denver has no interest in Ron Artest and isn't particularly interested in Lamar Odom either. A straight-up deal of Bynum for Anthony works financially, but there could be other players involved since Denver would look to shed more salary if possible.

There are a number of ways that this would be detrimental to the league.  The initial backlash would come in that a move to LA would clearly eliminate a move to NY, which would put power houses on both coasts, which would be good for the league. Can you imagine a NY vs. LA Finals? Melo vs. Kobe, MSG vs. The Staples Center, Biggie vs. Pac…it would be wild!

Secondly, this move would create a complete shift in power balance towards the Lakers (who are already the favorite to win the NBA title, again).  Go ask the NFL what drives the most powerful professional sports league on the planet: parody.  Melo to LA destroys parody in the NBA.

Finally, what impact would this have on Kobe’s legacy?  With Melo in town, Kobe runs the risk of being perceived as lucky based on the talent he was surrounded with in the years when he won titles (Melo, Pau, Shaq).

All in all, if executed, this trade would have a negative impact on the league in the years to come.