The Mets financials are about as sound as Bear Sterns banking practices, and now the line of people offering to buy the team is forming with some very familiar faces.

Well one group of investors is planning to make an offer to buy the Mets and SNY, as soon as latter today, so the Wilpons can pay their massive debt is formed. The Dam Yankees quality super group of investors is headed by Martin Luther King III (yah son of that Martin Luther King), with some other big name guys. The List reads like the usual suspects of billionaires and baseball fans, sadly there is no Kaiser Soze.


 Lets Start with Mark Cuban, he has been unsuccessful buying 2 major league teams already (the Cubs and Rangers) so why not shoot for a third.  I’ve never seen a group of people not want someone involved like baseball not wanting Mark Cuban anywhere near the sport. They have been making efforts to keep him out of baseball for years that just baffle me.  Mark would fit in great in New York City, but he wouldn’t be the Majority owner, so it would keep his antics to a minimum.  No running on the field and punching the Umps, but hopefully something close to it.

Another Classic name is Charles Dolan; this guy is the purse strings for everything wrong with Cablevision, Madison Square Garden, and the Knicks.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to let the guy who willingly allowed the Knicks to get flushed down the to be at the helm of another New York based sports franchise.  I would of thought we would of learned our lesion but hey we are talking about a city who is always surprised when it snows (even when its February).

Ed Kranepool is the token ex player from the glory days, he might not have a giant chunk of money but he provides a face for fans to remember and identify with.  After he played for the 69 Miracle Mets he moved on to be a stock broker and made a decent chunk of money. Met fans will jump to have him in the ownership group like teens jump to be in the Justin Bieber lock of hair ownership group.


Then there is Peter Kalikow, he is the Ex Public Servant/ Media Mogul/ Real Estate guru, who may or may not be a legitimate businessman. This guy used to be the driving force behind the New York Post and The Metropolitan Transit Authority. I don’t know how you can do both and get away with it but he did until making a few hundred million selling of his paper and real-estate company. He is probably the source of the lion share of the money for this deal.

Civil Rights Game

Last but not least is Martin Luther King III; King has made his money through different business ventures during his career. He defiantly has a name that will identify with people, even if you don’t know who King is, you know who Martin Luther King is.  His name alone will exude more confidence then Fred & Jeff Wilpon.

More then likely this is just what it is, a rumor. I would dollars to dimes that these men are all involved I’m just not confident they are all on the same ticket.  Most of these men have the power and resources to do this deal all by them lonesome. They don’t need an A-Team of investors to pull it off. This is all good news for Mets fans; you got rid of Omar, now you got rid of the Wilpons. Man, this is the most productive offseason in Mets history.


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