Rick Carlisle has learned his lesson! Or something like that ...

In the post-game press conference on Sunday night, moments after his team finally won a game against the Rockets, 121-109, Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle literally put tape to his mouth when asked about the refs.

"Are you asking me a question about the officiating?" said Carlisle. "I brought something just for that," as he put the tape over his mouth.

Then the stammering follow-up by Carlisle: "I got to be careful, they may ... I mean, yeah ..."

But who can blame the man who got fined $25,000 for "questioning" the officiating after Game 3. And by questioning, this is what he said: ''there just a lot of physical stuff going on out there that just doesn't look kosher to me.'' Really?

The NBA is touchier than ever in regards to the men in stripes but let's be honest, they probably should be protecting their guys after the Mavs were handed four technical fouls and one flagrant in Game 4. For those keeping track at home, the Rockets had 40 free throw attempts. 40.

The Mavericks head to Houston for Game 5 on Tuesday night with the Rockets up 3-1 in the series.

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