The New York Mets are red-hot, having just swept the Washington Nationals at Citi Field this weekend.

The Mets are now tied with the Nationals for first place in the NL East race. Both teams have a .524 winning percentage. The Mets are 55-50 while the Nationals are 54-49.

Last night, the Mets won 5-2 behind the pitching of rookie sensation Noah Syndergaard. The righty went eight innings and struck out nine. He allowed just seven hits and two earned runs. He's now 6-5 on the season.

As good as Syndergaard looked, the best moments of the night could have come from these two guys sitting right behind home plate:

The umpires-behind-home plate thing has been done, and it's still funny. It's nice when you can identity fans right behind the plate on the broadcast.

Now, if only our friend Marlins Man could get a mask and start being an umpire! Wouldn't that be great?


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