The NBA is always ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing its product and generating a buzz. Their plan to use jerseys with players' nicknames on the back during a game between the Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat this season is no exception. For one game, fans will be able to see King James, D-Wade, KG, The Truth and many other stars sporting a jersey with their nickname on it rather than their actual last name. Sure, it's just a shameless ploy to sell jerseys, but at least its a fun one. Besides, it certainly beats another night of El Heat taking on Los Spurs.

I, for one, am excited for this just to see the less celebrated players one each team and what nicknames end up on the back of their jerseys. For example, there is no way that Brook Lopez has a cool nickname, yet he is going to end up with one on his jersey. The suspense in waiting to find out what it will be is killing me.

Furthermore, will Andrei Kirilenko be allowed to wear a jersey with his nickname, AK-47, on the back? Will the NBA step in and not allow him to do so? Will Gilbert Arenas buy thousands of AK-47 jerseys if they he is allowed to use that as his nickname? The questions surrounding this decision are gripping.

With any luck, this will catch on and become common in the NBA. Who knows, maybe professional sports will once again have a player sport HE HATE ME on the back of his jersey.