The Boston Celtics are in trouble vs the Miami Heat.  They are down 1-0 in the series after their loss Wednesday night at home at the TD Garden.  That is now the second straight series where the Celtics have lost Game 1 on their home court.  Jimmy Butler lit the Celtics up for 35 points and also had 6 steals especially some big ones late.  The Celtics have not been their usual selves these playoffs as they barely got by both the Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers.  Head Coach Joe Mazzulla received some criticism for not calling timeouts during critical points during the game.  What it really boils down to is that Erik Spoelstra is the far superior coach in this series and Jimmy Butler is a different animal in the playoffs.

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2023 NBA All Star Game
NBA All-Star Game MVP Jayson Tatum / Getty Images

MJ and I discussed the Game 1 between Celtics and Heat yesterday morning right here on Big Board Sports.  I did predict a Game 1 win by the Heat as they really are not playing like an 8 seed in these playoffs which is really impressive as they barely made it in.  Below is our full conversation on this with ESPN's Randy Scott.

The series is far from over but the Celtics have to step up and can't Jayson Tatum do everything.  His 51 point performance in Game 7 was incredible but he needs the ball more late in games.  I really do see this series going seven games as both teams are very evenly matched and play hard and physical basketball on both ends of the floor.

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