Don't adjust your TV set, folks. You heard Michael Kay use the term lit on television, and your ears were not deceiving you.

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Kay, the long-time voice of the New York Yankees, was in the middle of broadcasting Sunday's game in San Francisco on the YES Network. The camera spotted a boat, full of people having what appeared to be a good time, floating past the ballpark.

This is how Kay chose to respond:

For those that are unfamiliar with this term, allow me to define it for you. Per Urban Dictionary, "lit" is a term used to describe something that is cool and exciting, or just generally something you would want to experience.

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Urban Dictionary even provides examples of how one can appropriately deploy the term. Here's a good one:

John: That party last night was lit!
Dave: Yeah, it was pretty nice! Let's go to more parties like that!

Who needs Urban Dictionary, however, when we have Michael Kay!

Here were a few of our favorite responses to the video, which was originally tweeted by Jomboy:

This one, however, was my favorite:

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