Yesterday on Levack and Goz we were joined by Sporting News reporter Michael McCarthy. McCarthy discussed what type of impact the NFL playoff ratings may have with now potentially fifty percent of the teams led by back up quaterbacks. We spoke with Michael earlier this year and he suggested NFL television ratings were down because of the election cycle and Colin Kaepernick. Does he still feel that same way? Plus what is the future of the legendary ESPN personalities like Chris Berman? McCarthy weighs in on that topic involving an 1045 The Team interview guest from earlier in the week. The year 2017 is just days away and we asked McCarthy would changes could we expect to see when it comes to consuming sports? Will fans continue to listen on the radio? Will it no longer be on television? Could we continue to see sites like Twitter and maybe even Amazon pick up rights to NFL games? All that plus much more can be heard in the interview below.