Michael Vick is not criticized as much as other quarterbacks for his play on the field.  Check out the video to see what I mean.

Michael Vick hasn't received as much criticism as other NFL quarterbacks for his play on the field this season.  The Eagles currently have a 1-3 record.  Their only win is against a winless St. Louis Rams team.  Throw on top the fact that Michael Vick failed to finish a game in Week 3 against the New York Giants because of a bruised hand.  Going into a season with such high expectations, other quarterbacks would receive a lot more criticism than Michael Vick.

It's not just this season though.  Going back to last season, Tom Brady received much more criticism than Michael Vick did for suffering a playoff loss.  Tom Brady was the unanimous MVP winner last season.  He passed for 299 yards while throwing two touchdown passes and one interception in a playoff loss against the New York Jets.  Michael Vick threw a last-second interception to Green Bay Packers' cornerback Tramon Williams which ended the Eagles' chances of advancing in the playoffs.  Brady was criticized more than Vick.

For some reason, Vick hasn't been criticized as much as his peers for his play on the field.  It's ironic because Vick has been overly criticized for his hideous dogfighting crime off of the field.  It's sounds odd to suggest that Michael Vick, the football player, actually receives the benefit of the doubt at times, but that's exactly the case.