Professional sports associations have continued to honor certain causes through the use of uniform or cap alterations. The NFL is big with the "Pink" theme during October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also utilizes the camouflage as ways to support the military.

Baseball also does this and this year will go the extra mile for its special days.

Check out the jerseys that will be worn at various times this season:

I'm a big fan of the Mothers and Fathers Day jerseys and as long as jerseys that are sold with these colors have the money go to charities that help breast/prostate cancer, then I'm totally OK with it.

I also love the military jerseys and again, I hope the money goes to the Wounded Warrior project. The July 4th jerseys are awesome as well.

Take a look at the jerseys for this season: What are your favorites and which are you most excited to see?