Miguel Cabrera, Adam Jones, and a group of retired Major League Baseball stars get together to spoof Rihanna’s hit song, “Diamonds.”

I don't think you have a sense of humor if you fail to crack a few smiles and laugh a little while watching this video.  This spoof of Rihanna’s song “Diamonds” is odd and strange, yet really funny in spots.  “Get Back To The Diamond” is a creative idea considering Opening Day is just around the corner.

Granted, Miguel Cabrera rocking out scuba gear is odd.  The line, “It’s a wooden sword I wield,” would make a Harry Potter dork say, “That’s a bit much.”  Then, we get random cameo appearances by Steve Garvey, Jim Palmer, Luis Gonzalez, and Buck Martinez while superimposed diamonds fall.  Oh, all of this happens while Adam Jones and Miguel Cabrera provide background dancing.  Hmm.  Interesting.

This video is totally random, but strangely enjoyable for some odd reason.  I think the randomness makes the video work.  I’m going to give this video a confused two thumbs up.  I’m giving it two thumbs up while scratching my head at the same time and wondering if that’s the right call.  I’m locking it in though.  Good job, MLB Fan Cave.

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