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The back and forth between Major League Baseball and the MLBPA continues as another counteroffer was made Tuesday night.

The two sides have agreed to a start date, which would be aimed for July 10th. A positive sign, but the sides are still far apart.

The time is ticking, and MLBPA was able to make a counteroffer in under 48 hours. If Major League Baseball does the same, it will show that they too want to play baseball this year. The key part is how can the owners generate as much revenue as possible, and it is looking like it would be expanded playoffs. Not just this season, but next season as well.

The window is closing soon. Players have said they need at least 3 weeks for Spring Training 2.0. There have been many dates that people have said is a 'deadline'. All of those dates have since passed us, and still, no deal has been made.

With only 29 days until July 10th, time is of the essence. Your turn Major League Baseball.

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