Dikembe Motumbo was an eight-time All-Star during his 19-year NBA career and was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame last year. Yesterday, the basketball legend faced a scary scene.

Motumbo was unharmed at an airport in Brussels after a pair of terrorist attacks in Belgium. Islamic State terrorist have claimed responsibility for the attacks on Zaventem international airport and the Brussels subway system, killing at least 34 people.

Motumbo responded via social media to let others know he was safe.

"Thank you everyone. I am safe here. God is good," Motumbo said on Twitter.

Motumbo later responded on CNN about what his experience was like.

Brussels Airport And Metro Rocked By Explosions
Credit: Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

"I was in lounge and next time I heard people start screaming and everyone start running," he said. "Because I was napping, and I was like, 'What's going on?' I thought it was such a joke.

A lady was like, 'Everybody out. Everybody out. We have to go, we have to go. A lot of people are bleeding downstairs and a lot of people are hurt.'

"And there was no hesitation from there. I brought my bag and I start running.

"I just feel bad for the family of the loved ones that lost their lives," Motumbo said. "Feel bad for all the mom and all the citizen that was there that couldn't run and that couldn't move. It was very crazy; I feel very bad. So many mom were trying to push their two kids and three kids. You have one thousand people and everyone running. It was very, very sad."


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