Ok, so what's the deal, Wolf? Why 104.5 The Team?

I've heard a lot of that the first two weeks from fans. Well, it goes like this. I was sitting home in my underwear watching old episodes of my favorite show, "The Walking Dead" (seeing dead people eat live people relaxes me) and I get an email from VP of operations Steve Richards. Steve asks me if I'm a sports fan. So I grab my balls and start talking Giants, Yankees and Rangers.

I tell him stories about my amazing feats at Stick Ball (yes, I'm a city boy) and how many car windows I broke and after 15 minutes I realize he's fallen asleep. I met Jeff Levack at an all-you-can-eat 24-hour buffet and we clicked.

I look forward to saying something every day that makes Levack's radio career pass before his eyes.

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