Every night for the past week a spider has been building a web around my Ring cam. I realize the guy just wants to use the light to catch food but he keeps setting off my alerts. I keep sweeping it away and he keeps coming back. Last night he FLIPPED ME OFF while his buddy taunted me in the background.

Over the past three weeks, I have used a broom, hose, and even my hands to knock down this little jerk's web because it will set off my security lights and alerts up to 20 times a night. This has happened nine times and nine times he's built the web back up and set off the camera again. Last night the little bugger went too far! I wake up to the lights and alert to see the jerk pushing one of his eight legs in front of the camera like he's trying to set it off, or worse he's flipping me off. To make matters worse it looks like he's brought in reinforcements! Look to the left of the video to see the offending appendage and slightly to the right to see the second spider climbing up to the roof of my garage.

I spoke to 'Boston' Dan and he's having similar issues with spiders setting off his security cameras. Is this a thing now? Are spiders trying to set these off to mock us? What's the weirdest or most annoying thing you've caught on your cameras?

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