My mouth feels violated.  Get your mind out of the gutter, you sieves!!

I went to the dentist today to have two cavities filled and a crown placed on one of my teeth.  I love my dentist but this wasn't a great visit to the "Good Doctor."  This procedure lasted just over an hour and by the time it was finished,  I felt like Tom Cruise in "Vanilla Sky" (see below for a video of his unforgettable face).

The entire left side of my mouth was so numb, I had to actually feel it with my hands to make sure it didn't melt.

Quite frankly, I've been a regular at the dentist office in the last 3 weeks.  Two weeks ago, I had three cavities filled on the right side of my mouth and the week before that, I had the crown fitted and a temporary crown put in.


For the record, I'm not addicted to candy.  Most of these fillings replaced old ones that were put in over 20 years ago.  They just all sort of needed to be replaced at the same time.

Photo Courtesy, 104.5 "The Team" ESPN Radio

And while the actual dental procedure made my mouth feel weird, I am very grateful that we have novicane in today's society.  I couldn't imagine getting this work done without being numb.  Now I realize why back in the Abe Lincoln days, everyone had bad teeth.

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