Sesame Street Meets The Beastie Boys [VIDEO]
This video is just so awesome I had to share it!
As you know, I"m a huge Beastie Boys fan.  And let's be honest, who doesn't like Sesame Street?  So imagine my happiness when both of them can be combined into one great video!
A Horserace Breaks Out On A Carousel [VIDEO]
With the Saratoga racing season around the corner, I thought I'd get everyone in the mood with a bit of horse racing humor.
An ordinary carousel ride in New York City's Bryant Park turns into an unexpected horse race.
MLB Best And Worst Hats
Let's face it - wearing a baseball hat is cool - sometimes it's even trendy.   Unless of course you're wearing the Toronto Blue Jays cap.
Dressing Up For Work
Have you ever worn something to work that's not your usual office attire and then gotten made fun of?
Well, it happened to me today.  Several times.
SkyMall Is Fun But Worthless
So I'm flying home from my vacation to Florida last weekend and I started reading the SkyMall Magazine.
You know - the magazine in the front of your seat that everyone reads but no one actually orders from?
My Bet With Noe
The NFL playoffs are here!  Which can only mean one thing - it's time to make awful gambling decisions with your co-workers.
My Quest For A Terps Helmet
As you know, I'm a University of Maryland graduate and a huge Terps fan.  But my latest quest has taken on a whole new meaning of the term, "fanatic."

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