It's opening night for the NBA's 2014-15 regular season, today's our last chance to make projections for the upcoming season.

This year's campaign starts with a plethora of story-lines. The return of King James to the holy land of Cleveland, Ohio. The absence of Kevin Durant for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Is Derrick Rose finally ready to bounce back... again? Will the Black Mamba return to his old form?

With 82 very important games to be played it's time we throw out predictions, of who will be holding up awards at the end of the season while telling your mother she's the real M.V.P.

Most Valuable Player -LeBron James

Lebron James will lock up his fifth Maurice Podoloff Trophy, pending any horrific injuries. I don't believe people understand exactly how good the Cleveland Cavaliers are. The addition of Kevin Love itself would have gotten this team into the second round of the playoffs, if not to the Eastern Conference championship. The addition of him and the best player on the planet, Michael Jordan will certainly be sweating about that NBA win record.

Rookie of the Year Jabari Parker


Jabari Parker is joining a young team that is looking for him to be the core of the franchise. Not diminishing Parker's skills, but this is a stats driven award and there is no doubt he will be the key player for this team.

Defensive Player of the Year- DeAndre Jordan

Deandre Jordan is set to have a huge season. His length and athleticism should have him grabbing this award on a yearly basis, but his wild antics, and bone head plays have diminished how big his role is. The Clippers aren't a great defensive team. Jordan makes them look like they play stout defense.

Coach of the Year- David Blatt 

LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving sounds like the ultimate rookie job to me. Will push for one of the greatest season records of all-time.

Sixth Man of the Year- Tristan Thompson 


Who? Yeah the 23-year old ex- Texas Longhorn, is set to have a breakout season. The kid was a double double machine last year on Cleveland. Let's add the greatest play-maker as a teammate next to him, he's destined to flourish. Thompson and Dion Waiters will be a tag team of who is off the bench first for this remarkable squad.

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