The fists (and signatures) continue to fly in the NBA free agency period, with Monday seeing a pickup in action from a rather dormant Sunday.

Monday's biggest move was made by the Dallas Mavericks, who have assembled a roster that could contend in the Western Conference once again. Their prize today was former Memphis Grizzly, OJ (short for Ovinton J'Anthony) Mayo, who posted that he will be signing with the Mavericks on his Twitter page.

After winning the amnesty bidding for Elton Brand and making this move, I could easily see the Mavericks climbing back into the top five in the West next season. At their worst, they will just be one of the most entertaining teams in the league, a win-win for their fans.

Sacramento brought Aaron Brooks into the NBA by signing him. Last year, Brooks played abroad in China and will be a welcome addition to the Kings, who could always use guys on the roster without huge egos given their current nucleus.

Lob City is reportedly looking for some experience and depth at the small forward spot. Just how much experience, you ask? How about 17 years, by trying to woo 39 year old veteran Grant Hill. The move makes sense as they won't have to pay him as much as a younger player, but you would think the Clippers could do better than that given the exciting future that roster holds.

Chicago and Atlanta have agreed on a trade that would send veteran three point specialist Kyle Korver to the Hawks in exchange for a trade exception and cash. I've always wondered this: how do players feel when they get traded for a bunch of money and no players? Obviously, the money can help buy a player, but a pile of money can't shoot threes the way Kyle Korver can.

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