Things went from bad to worse for Dallas Mavericks fans yesterday.

One day after the team and General Manager Donnie Nelson announced they were mutually parting ways after 24 years with the organization, head coach Rick Carlisle announced he was stepping down as head coach of the team. Carlisle spent 13 seasons as the head coach of the team, winning an NBA championship with the club in 2011, during his third season in Dallas.

So, two questions pop up. What's next for the Ogdensburg native Carlisle, and what the heck to the Mavericks do now?

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Let's start with Carlisle. The 61-year old has been an NBA head coach every year since 2001, with the exception of a one year gap between his previous job and his Mavericks job. He began coaching in 2001-02 with the Detroit Pistons, spending two years with the team. He won the NBA Coach of the Year Award in 2002, but was fired a season later despite coaching the team to a 1st place finish in their division. He spent four seasons with the Indiana Pacers, resigning in 2007 and spending a year as an analyst for ESPN. He coached the Mavericks since, recently winning game No. 800 as an NBA head coach.

Simply put, the basketball world would appear to be Carlisle's oyster, should he choose it to be. He could return to his role as an analyst, and re-join ESPN or join Turner Sports. Or, he could throw his shoe in the ring for one of the six current coaching vacancies (other than Dallas) in the NBA. One I'm curious to watch is the Boston Celtics. Carlisle was a draft pick of the Celtics in 1984, and played his high school ball at Worcester Academy in Massachusetts. Keep that one in mind.

For the Mavericks, however, Mark Cuban and company have some work to do. Luka Doncic was verbally upset with Nelson leaving the franchise, and Carlisle's departure likely won't make any of that better. The Mavs finished 1st in the Southwest this season, but were bounced in the first round for the second straight season. Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis and the rest of the roster appear to be poised for a deep playoff run soon, which makes it imperative to bring in a coach you believe can bring the group to a championship, and a General Manager that knows the value of adding small, but impactful, depth players to a roster.

Your move, Cuban.

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