The NHL playoffs are set to begin while the NBA playoffs are about a week away from starting.

So which post-season do you enjoy more?

I'll take the NBA all day.  There are three reasons: 

STAR POWER: The NBA has 13-14 truly stud players while the NHL has two (Ovechkin & Crosby).  Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Derrick Rose, Howard, Stoudemire, Anthony, Garnett/Allen/Pierce, Durant, Nowitsky, Gasol, Paul, and Ginobli/Duncan/Parker are all essentially global superstars.

NBA players are more identifiable because you can see their faces while NHL players are essentially anonymous.

I couldn’t name 10 NHL All-Stars - but I can certainly name the top 2-3 players on every NBA team.

NBA PLAYOFFS ARE WIDE OPEN:  For the first time in awhile, there’s no real favorite. In the East, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Orlando could all win it.  In the West, the 8th seeded New Orleans Hornets are 11 games over 500.  San Antonio, Dallas, Lakers, Oklahoma City could all take the West. 

In the NHL, one team out of nowhere usually gets far because they have a hot goalie.  Again, I have no idea who most of the goalies even are. 


I PAY MORE ATTENTION TO HOOPS:  I know the NBA storylines.  I don’t really follow the NHL that closely so I have no idea about what's big there. 

I’m not as familiar with the NHL players or even the teams.  So if San Jose beats LA, is that an upset?  If Boston beats Montreal, is that surprising?

But in the NBA, I know that if the Knicks beat the Celtics, that’s huge.  If San Antonio loses to New Orleans, that’s an upset!

It’s hard to get into a show, a soap opera or a mini-series if you haven’t been watching the entire season.  Try watching “V” after missing the first 8 episodes.  Heck, if you miss American Idol for 3 weeks, you have no idea who’s left.

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