The NBA will be returning to action soon, July 30th to be exact. The NBA is creating a 'bubble' in Disney World in Orlando, Florida with 22 teams returning to action for eight regular-season games and playoffs to crown a new champion.

Since the NBA is making safety as its main priority with the restart, according to a Professional Basketball Writers Association memo obtained by Robert Silverman, that any reporter who enters the Disney World premise to cover the NBA will not be able to return if they leave.

So wait a second, you're telling me I could be stuck in Disney World with live sports? I could go to the Magic Kingdom, ride 'It's A Small World, and then cover a basketball game that same night? Where do I sign up for this?

Here's the catch..

According to the report, no reporters would be able to enter the Disney/ESPN campus. "This group [of reporters] will have the most access, but will work under far greater restrictions than we are used to under normal conditions.”

Reporters will be fed, but housing will not apart of the deal according to the memo. It clearly stated it will be "cost-prohibitive for most outlets”.

How will local newspapers or small market networks be able to afford that kind of cost? It's not like we are still in the middle of a global pandemic that has altered the sports industry for years to come. Could it really be worth it for them to be there? Certainly going to be a topic of interest what teams will be represented in the 'bubble'.

Would you be willing to live in Disney World for over 3 months without leaving?

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