Now that the NBA is heading towards the home stretch of the regular season, we have been hearing more and more technical foul talk with players nearing or hitting the technical foul limit of 16. Orlando's Dwight Howard is a prime example of this.

But how do I think the NBA should handle technical fouls and their discipline system?

The current rule requires the NBA to suspend a player for one game once they have been assessed their sixteenth (16) technical fouls. Dwight Howard was right in the center of this last week once he was given his sixteenth tech for arguing with an official over non-foul calls in his game.

The NBA should worry more about the game and watch the game play and not worry about what they hear around them. The officials need to concentrate on who is doing what on the court. If something REALLY gets out of hand, then the officials should just eject the players quite frankly. You can tell me this is crazy and this would kill the NBA. But ask yourselves this question, are you really upset that a player got thrown out of a baseball game for arguing or acting like a nut case? Lets be honest, we all like the theatrics of someone being ejected in baseball and the person is gone and the issue is done right there.

Issuing a technical foul, in my opinion, makes the situation worse! All it is, is a warning to players but also penalizing them by giving them a personal foul towards their six for a game. A technical foul being assessed means the officials feel there was abuse or other unsportsmanlike behavior. To me, if you want to truly prevent this kind of behavior amongst players, eject them! Then it's done! This way they don't get suspended for full games just because they were issued sixteen warnings! If they are warned 16 times, then at some point they should have been thrown out during one of those games!

The one special case to this rule is Dwight Howard. The guy gets fouled a ton and a handful of those are intentional fouls and flagrant fouls that don't even get called! So I understand his frustration! But if the NBA truly wants to make their players shut up and play, then eject them and let someone on the bench who is quiet and really wants to play a chance instead of someone that whines and complains!