Several media outlets have reported in the last 24 hours that on Tuesday morning, Dwight Howard was eating at a midtown Houston restaurant called The Breakfast Klub. The newest "citizen" of Houston was having what many consider the most important meal of the day, as well as conducting a brief interview with a local TV station. What makes this different from any other breakfast is that apparently, Howard decided to pick up the tab of every patron that was also having breakfast in the establishment.

On the surface, you would probably hear about this story and think it was rather thoughtful or considerate of the NBA All-Star center to make such a kind gesture. And you would be correct, it was thoughtful and considerate, but for all the wrong reasons. The infamous gangster Al Capone once said, "Don't mistake my kindness for weakness," but I say that you shouldn't mistake Dwight Howard's kindness for respect.

Over the last few years, Howard has done nothing but whine and complain about one thing after another - from his teammates to his coaches, from the cities he has played for to the fans he's played in front of - the man is an immature, self-absorbed egomaniac. Because of his actions the last 24-36 months, Howard knows he has to do a little bit of revamping and cleaning up of his public image, so what better way to start winning over the hearts and minds of a brand new fan-base then buying an entire restaurant of Houstonians breakfast?

In reality, this guy doesn't give a damn about the game of basketball, nor the respect of fans and co-workers. Dwight David Howard is about one thing and one thing only - his bottom line. If something or someone is affecting his bottom line in a negative fashion, he wants nothing to do with it. He thought that about Stan Van Gundy, he felt that way about Mike D'Antoni, and he will eventually have those thoughts about Kevin McHale and the entire Rockets organization. Good luck to Houston with this clown, because they surely need all the luck they can get in controlling this over-sized man-child.

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