The regular NFL season is still months away. However, here in Buffalo and Western New York, the season never really ends! Need proof? A simple Tweet from NBC is getting crushed by fans of the Buffalo Bills.

The Buffalo Bills are getting ready to start construction on a state-of-the-art stadium that will come with a heavy price tag. If you have been to the current stadium, you know it is time for something new and the new stadium looks amazing. If everything goes well, the Bills should be playing in the new building as early as 2026.

Even though fans in New York State may complain about their tax money being spent on the Buffalo Bills, they should remember that that the Buffalo Bills are the ONLY team to play home games in New York State. It seems that NBC needs to remember that fact as well.

The fact is, there can be only 1 king of football in New York State. The team with the games played in Orchard Park, New York!

Ask Josh Allen and he will remind you of that fact as well. Many who responded to the Tweet backed that up as well. But regardless of the debate about New York, we can all agree that the off season is exciting and we can't wait to see what the draft has to offer! Football season is all year round for fans of the Buffalo Bills.

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Disclaimer: If you’re a Buffalo Bills fan and feeling slightly annoyed today, you’re about to fly off the handle.

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