The NCAA has handed down a lot of harsh sanctions in the past decade, just to come back and rescind the original rulings.

It was announced Thursday morning that Syracuse Orange basketball head coach Jim Boeheim, lost his appeal to eliminate his nine-game suspension for NCAA infractions, but it agreed to move the ban to the nonconference season.

Last Wednesday, the Syracuse Orange basketball team got a victory that will turn into a significant boost to the basketball team over the next three years, when they won its appeal to the NCAA. The Team will get one scholarship back per year over the next four seasons.

Getty Images-Mike Hopkins

While the scholarship's will be a huge boost for the team, the NCAA making Boeheim sit the next nine games starting two days away is ridiculous. He said he didn't even have time to meet with his team before the NCAA released its statement about the changes. Under the rules of the suspension, Boeheim can't have contact with his team which includes;no practice, phone calls, travel, nor even work in his office.

"They gave us two days' notice," Boeheim told ESPN on Thursday. "If they were going to do this, why not six weeks ago? We'd been preparing to use the next few games and practices to prepare the coaching staff for what was going to happen. Now we have less than two days. It's less than ideal. The players are in class. I can't pull them out of class. They're going to know from the public before they hear it from me."

Getty Images L-Mike Hopkins C-Dejuan Coleman R-Jim Boeheim

You're essentially giving a coaching staff 72 hours to prepare for a month without its head coach. Mike Hopkins,  who will take over when Boeheim retires in 2018, will take over all head coaching tasks. This is a lot of pressure being put on a coach in a three day span, if the smallest things go wrong, he will be put on blast if he can handle being a head coach.

Boeheim will miss games against Georgetown,Colgate, at St. John's, Cornell, Montana State, Texas Southern, at Pitt, at Miami and vs. Clemson.

The fact that the NCAA can do whatever they want, and change its sanctions at anytime, with no repercussions needs to change. This isn't something they should be able to just spring on a team. They need to either take care of these sanctions at the end of the season or another period in the offseason.